Don't Rely on Harmful Chemicals for a Deep Clean

Don't Rely on Harmful Chemicals for a Deep Clean

Clean your Birmingham-area home the Green Way

Your home should always be comfortable and clean, without having to worry about your cleaning products affecting your health. Choose a better way to clean, and team up with The Domestic Diva That Cleans Green. The Domestic Diva knows the importance of using the right cleaning supplies in the home. Working as a senior care giver previously, many of the products we used to tidy up around their homes were homeopathic. This ensured that no harmful chemicals or fumes were ever near our seniors or posing a health threat.

Now, The Domestic Diva puts many of those same all-natural products to good use to keep your home clean and your family healthy! Not to mention that using green cleaning products also promotes a better environment for your children to play in, since no toxic chemicals are getting into your pipes and polluting your water system.

Bring in a cleaning service to safely sanitize, de-clutter and clean your home from top to bottom without worrying about the effect on your family’s health. Call The Domestic Diva That Cleans Green today!

Make Your Birmingham, AL-Area Home Interiors Shine!

Get a quality green clean by The Domestic Diva

Let us take the work out of your housework. The Domestic Diva That Cleans Green provides top quality cleaning services, using only cleaning materials that are made naturally and that are environmentally safe. Domestic Diva can come to your home for a one-time cleaning or more frequent work, and provide:

• Vacuuming
• Mopping
• Floor scrubs
• Cleaning for reachable inside windows and window sills
• Organizing
• Garage cleaning
• Refrigerator and oven cleaning, at extra cost

If you don’t have the time or energy to invest in keeping your home maintained, no problem! The Domestic Diva That Cleans Green is happy to be of service. Schedule your next cleaning service appointment to get started.